About Brač

With length of 40 km and width of 13 km Brac is the third biggest islands on Croatian coast. Island itself is settled for some centuries and were even found some remaining of primitive man in cave Kopacina.

Climate is typically Mediterranean. During summer time sun shines between 9 and 12 hours per day. Brac lies in one of the sunniest Adriatic straps with 2700 sunny hours per year. Average temperature is:- during summer 24 degree Celsius- 8,6 degree Celsius during winter.

The coast of the island is long 175 km. Numerous bay and beaches follows one another. On the northern part of the island the most known beach is Lovrecina and on the south part there is Zlatni rat.

On the island there is 22 settlements, 12 villages and 5 deserted settlements. All cities and settlements have their own speciality and culture. Splitska is just one of them.

otok brac

Free time

DESERT BLACA (entrance fee) Blaca was built up gradually. First some monks settled the cave and latter they started building some cottages. In year 1551 people from main land found a shelter there due to the Turk invasion. In Blaca the whole generation of monks built their culture. Last of the monks was Niko MilÄŤevic who died in a year 1963. The rest will tell you the guides. ZDRAGONS CAVE (ZMAJEVA SPILJA) The biggest enigma is the time of its originate. Main relief represents the fight between good and evil. You can learn more during the visit. VIDOVA MOUNTAIN Vidova Gora 778m (beautiful view of neighboring islands and ), MUSEUM ABOUT ISLAND BRAC (Settlement Skrip – entrance fee).

Food and drink

BISTRO – PAPE Povlja bb 639-046
CAFFE BAR – IRIS Selca bb 622454
CAFFE BAR – KAPELICA Selca bb 622-062
CAFFE BAR – PERIVOJ Selca bb 622-031
DISCO CLUB – HACIENDA Selca bb 622-086
HOTEL – GALEB, Povlja bb, 639-145
RESTORAN – Stara uljara, Povlja, 639-250
RESTORAN – Bilin, 622-625
RESTORAN – Hacienda, 622-086
RESTORAN – Petrovac, 622-531
RESTORAN – Ruzmarin, 622-348
RESTORAN – Dalmatino, Sumartin
RESTORAN – To je to, Sumartin
RESTORAN – Leut, Sumartin
KONOBA – Dok, Povlja, 639-130
KONOBA – Jurova makina, Povlja, 639-048
KONOBA – Kala, Povlja, 639-133
KONOBA – Bernardo, Sumartin, 648-012
PIZZERIA – Perivoj, Selca, 622-031



The history of Brac is first and foremost the history of a struggle against stone, on which the people had to persevere and survive. The first historical record of Brac dates from the 4th century B. C., at which time the Greek geographer Scylax (338-335) called it Krateiai. Other, later records mention it under the names Brectia, Elaphusa, Brattia …

Cultural events

Yes – at first one could really say that. It never heard the clash of swords and shields, the firing of guns and the rumble Of cannon. It never echoed a well-known name, be it a brigand or tyrant imposing himself upon human memory, or a bright figure whose splendor never wanes in the memory of succeeding generations … There are neither names that glitter with glory nor those that darken with shame, neither happy nor unhappy occasions, neither virtues nor long remembered outrages: and all these are the subject matter with which we are -accustomed to build history, both that of others and our own.